At the age of 12 years, Sifu Olaf Komoss began with martial arts, here it was judo which accompanied him for several years until he was allowed to collect from 1986 a few years experience in Tae-Kwon-Do, Boxing and Kick-Boxing. In 1999 he first came in contact with Wing Tsun, but had then after 1 year of training for professional reasons pausieren. Im 2002 were finally paved the way for an intensive training provided. On all units, he has participated, to daily to 6 hours of training finally took him up to the passing of the Children & Youth classes, the instructor exam for conducting the training of adults and in 2004 for the opening of the first private school for effective self-defense.

More intense and richer then the training was from the year 2005 when Sifu Olaf Komoss found the way to master Dai-Sifu Martin Dragos and coached the complete unarmed Wing Tsun system at the WT-Masters-Academy. There were a few successfully passed Grade technicians, and the appointment to “assistant coach of the WT-Masters-Academy”.
His very special peaked Sifu Olaf Komoss first time when he was honored in 2009 by Master Dai-Sifu Martin Dragos on the WT-Masters-Academy for “Sifu of Wing Tsun”.


In 2010 founds Sifu Olaf Komoss “Shimao Wing Tsun Academy,” the association of their own with other member schools in Northern Germany.
To date, he directs AG courses at schools for all age groups, SV classes for children & adolescents, adults, and special courses for women. He trains some security companies and has in daily training, as in individual or group lessons, both police and the MEK as a student. After many years in the job as a “bouncer”, a firearms & shooting technique-training and training (with examination before the Chamber of Commerce) in the security industry, all the training in the areas of fire protection, observation, questioning tactics and techniques, investigation service, as well as providing training for Palmstick , EKA and Handcuffs complete knowledge in the security field and gave Sifu Olaf Komoss some jobs as security consultants and trainers in roll-call security companies.

After Sifu Olaf Komoss one is very few who were able to learn the really complete unarmed Wing Tsun system, he is now working every day in his masterly control and completion of this martial art.

Also Sifu Olaf Komoss is currently working on his own book and movie publications.


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