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Sifu Martin Dragos is head coach and founder of the WT- Masters – Academy and has been running its sixth Age of martial arts , of which he had the first 23 years of his WT training prescribed for the Leung Ting WT system. From 1994 to 2000 he was national coach of the Slovenian EWTO and founded after his voluntary retirement to own association ” DRAGOS Defence Club” .

Appointment as WingTsun Master by Sergio Iadarola

In August 2003, he completed his training with Sifu Sergio Iadarola ( 9.Grad WingTjun ) with the appointment to the WT- champion and led shortly thereafter along with his colleagues Sifu Niko Chatzilaskaris the German IWKA Association .

gm_martin_dragosDevelopment of DRAGOS WING TSUN ® – Systems

Within the past 10 years, underwent Sifu Martin Dragos Wing Tsun to which he had learned to date from his teachers , a fundamental revision . The result was the DRAGOS WING TSUN ®, which in contrast to the WT , contains , to date, new and unknown concepts , but also ( insiders known ) , transfers combat and force principles , and step work of the WT- arms struggle on the unarmed system and synergistically complements . His revolutionary concept has since been adopted by thousands WT performers and has influenced the scene significantly in recent years. Details of this also under the category Quality Management and Enwicklungspool .

WT- Masters – Academy – Intensive course for enthusiasts

After the establishment of intensive study program of the WT- Masters – Academy in 2004 Sifu Martin Dragos quickly became clear that the continuation of his DRAGOS Defence Club Association essence was incompatible with the principles of the WT- Masters – Academy. He dissolved his association , we would just focus on the WT- Masters – Academy.
While ” traditional ” associations encourage their members in a training cycle which can take as long as 20-30 years, you can now learn joined openly and without bond constraint , the WT- system within 1-3 years, including the weapons.
The ability to be independent has since been seen to such an extent by WT enthusiasts from around the world that this was for many of the established associations to real threat . Death threats , challenges and threats of violence were the result. Sifu Dragos could be this way but never impress or distract from his way – on the contrary .
Through the consultation launched by him liberalization movement, which is to this day in full swing, the existing monopoly was finally broken. Since then, many imitators have followed his example.


As more and more clients from abroad are interested in cooperation , the expansion of WT- Masters – Academy to other countries is slowly taking shape. Currently, future field representatives are preparing for their activities there. Although the German-speaking Sifu Martin Dragos is a primary field of activity, it will continue to visit branches abroad. The cooperation structure is called DRAGOS WING TSUN INTERNATIONAL.


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