WingTsun is an ancient Chinese martial art. It was developed about 250 years ago by the Chinese nun Ng Mui , according to legend, one of the five surviving the storm to the Shaolin Monastery . She gave the art of Yim Wing Tsun on. Your name Wing Chun means ” beautiful springtime ” .

Yim Wing Tsun

Yim Wing Chun was born in the province of Kwantung and lived since the death of her mother alone with her father Yim Lee, a student of the Shaolin monastery. The family moved to escape a former prison , in the provinces of Szechwan and Yunnan. There they settled down at the foot of Tai Leung Mountain. Here learned Yim Wing Tsun Ng Mui know .

She moved in with her in the white crane temple , where she teaches by Ng Mui wurde.Drei years later moved Yim Wing Tsun back to her father .

Hardly at home she had to make a city known bat. They knocked him to the ground, where he lay there helpless. After her victory , she continued her battle exercises. Ng Mui , bored with country life , moved on around the country to look .

She admonished Wing Tsun, to abide by the rules of Shaolin . To pass on your knowledge to sincere students and to find a worthy successor among them.

Grandmaster Yip Man (also spelled Ip Man)

At the age of 11 years Yip Man began his WingTsun studies under the direction of Chan Wah Sun , the favorite student of Grandmaster Leung in January Fatshan from the province of Kwantung . From him he learned to his 16th Years and then left Fatshan to study in Hong Kong. By chance he met in Hong Kong, the youngest son of Grand Master Leung Jan, Leung Bik know . From this learned Yip Man many more years to return then with 24 years as a true master of WingTsun in his hometown Fatshan .

Once there, however, he never wanted to teach WingTsun , only after the second World War, when Yip Man with his family went to Hong Kong Yip Man started to teach WingTsun , because he thus earned his livelihood.

Yip Man , the last Grand Master of the entire WingTsun Stiles, left us a brilliant combat system and many fascinating anecdotes.


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